Create an eCollect account

Nevena Stavreva
eCollect support team

An eCollect account is created online in just a few simple steps. The use of manage.ecollect is free of charge. With your account, you will control and track the collection process as well as all payments made on your claims.

How to activate the eCollect-account?

To activate your account you first need to verify the email address you registered with. A time limited verification link was automatically sent to this email address as you submitted the online registration form.

If your link is already expired, log in with the credentials provided during registration. Go to the section Your account->Settings and click onResend confirmation mail.

Please note: You won’t be able to activate the account, if your eMail isn’t verified.

What creditor details are needed to set up an eCollect-account?

eCollect strictly complies with the regulation of financial services. In order to validate your account and get you on board, we require some basic information on your identity and your business.

Log into your eCollect-account and fill in the requested details starting with company name + number (acc. to commercial register), bank information, phone and/or mobile number information on the company representatives (identity;position).

KYC procedures

Due to compliance regulations, we might additionally request identification documents from your company representatives. Please note also, that by submitting the registration request and activating your account you agree with our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. We will review your account details internally to ensure they comply with related national and international legislation and with our own Terms and Conditions. In case we need additional information, we will contact you additionally.

Your feedback means a lot to us!

Feel free to give us your honest feedback on the things you did not or did like about our platform: Your comments and suggestions inspire us to keep improving eCollect as a technology and as a service.

Write us an eMail straight ahead: